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Dr. Dynesius Nyangau
President Co-Founder

 Dr. Dynesius Nyangau, LLB, BA, MA, MDS, PhD, is a distinguished expert in  agricultural research, with a particular focus on indigenous vegetables, urban agriculture, and sustainable farming practices. His extensive experience and expertise in these areas make him a valuable asset to Green Planet Agritech, where he serves as the President, Co-Founder, and team member. Dr. Nyangau's journey in agricultural research which earned him a Master's degree in Development Studies (MDS) with specialization in Urban Farming among other academic studies in law.


One of Dr. Nyangau's significant areas of expertise lies in indigenous vegetables. Indigenous vegetables are an essential component of sustainable agriculture due to their adaptability to local environments, nutritional value, and cultural significance. He has conducted extensive research on the cultivation, utilization, and marketing of indigenous vegetables, aiming to promote their conservation, production, and consumption. His work has shed light on the immense potential of indigenous vegetables in enhancing food security, improving nutrition, and promoting biodiversity conservation. 

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