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Growing Healthy and Natural Green Leafy

Vegetables in Controlled Environment Agriculture

To Begin Meeting The Massive  Demand

Building a Healthier Future

GreenPlanetAgritech is all about bringing a year-round, weekly supply of basil and microgreens to Kenya and beyond for the first time, using our own NFT system. The quality will be consistently of the highest nutritional value and a great taste for everyone. The market demand is so high that we plan to rapidly expand and always deliver fresh and ready for consumers.

Sustainable Environmental Systems

Grown completely indoors, using the sun and supplemental LED lighting, 80% less water usage than outdoor farms, 50% less electricity, always maximum harvests, no pesticides, no ground pollution, recycling all water and use of solar power make GreenPlanetAgritech's processes an example of what a sustainable and productive company can be.

People Power and Development

Human Capital; extensive training, having a strong sense of the team, social well-being and health benefits are at the heart of GreenPlanetAgritech's mission, as we see that supporting and constantly developing our people is essential to our beliefs. Job descriptions and actual reality are two different things and we will focus on the sense of the group for success.

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